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Marjorie Coen Design
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About me 

As a graphic designer from Southeast Wisconsin I primarily focus on brand identity in the forms of logos, website design, posters, and other promotional and advertising needs. After working as the Lead Graphic Designer at the UW-Parkside Small Business Development Center, I was able to transition smoothly into freelance and contract work.


As a studio artist, the computer becomes more of a small tool to the overall idea. Cut paper and screen print are techniques I use to express a more abstract play on shapes, color, and texture. Symmetrical designs are a common theme while keeping it somewhat representational to facilitate a stronger connection with the viewer. The process of screen printing has also appeared within another important area of interest of mine which is through the art of apparel decoration.


The combination of these studio and design interests allows me to possess a broad range of versatile skills and knowledge. Graphic design, screenprinting, embroidery, ceramics, printmaking, woodworking, photography, website design, papermaking + collage, and many things in between, all come together as the paint on my pallet. Trying new art forms, my growing matchbox collection, older times & antique objects, signage, music, and the people I surround myself with are a few of the things that inspire me.


My definition of a "career" in design looks like creating alongside my man Jeffrey, selling our wares together & individually, and doing occasional freelance graphic design & other commissions. That being said, the most important role in my future I could possibly hold would definitely be a homeschoolin', homesteadin', stay-at-home Mom.

In the meantime, some of my work can be purchased online here. I'll ideally be selling in-person around the area as a vendor at markets and fairs in due time.

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